The Society for Information Display's Display Week 2022

High Power Red Laser Diodes for Display Applications

Satoshi Kawanaka, Seiji Kitamura, Shintaro Miyamoto, Manabu Hashizume, Kazuaki Yano, Masato Hagimoto 

Ushio, Inc., 1-90 Komakado, Gotemba, Shizuoka 412-0038, Japan 


 AlGaInP red laser diodes were commercialized in the late 1980s. Since then, along with continued performance improvements, they have been widely used as visible lasers for visible applications such as laser pointers and levelers. In 2005, a 660nm band pulse 300mW product was developed as a light source for high-capacity rewritable DVDs to replace CDs. Subsequently, focusing on display applications such as high-brightness projectors and AR/VR devices, we have been developing and commercializing high-power lasers in the 630nm band, which has better visual sensitivity, for laser cinema projectors that require high-power light sources ranging from several 10W to over 100W for each RGB color, We have developed a broad-area multimode lasers. Using a tensile strained GaInP active layer and a 75um wide dual emitter structure, we have achieved optical output power of 4.5W and WPE of 43% at 25°C pulsed operation. The lifetime of those devices exceeds MTTF 28,000 hours at 45°C, 3.5W pulsed operation. For mobile devices such as AR/VR and HMD, we also developed a single-mode laser with low drive current and high coupling efficiency with optics, achieving a WPE of 33% at 25°C and 200 mW, with a beam divergence angle of 14.2°and 7° , vertical and horizontal respectively. The aspect ratio of the laser diode was 2.0. Today, laser diodes are being used for various applications such as Lidar and various sensing applications in addition to the above. We expect that laser diodes will continue to contribute to the development of new applications as key devices. 

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