Power Supply Technology

Various power supplies developed with our technologies for high voltage, high current, and control applications

Ushio develops technologies for various lighting power supplies based on its technology cultivated in the development of light sources, and in recent years, we also provide power supplies with wireless and remote maintenance technology. We also welcome requests for power supplies only, so please feel free to contact us.

  • Various discharge lamp lighting power supplies

    To meet the lighting power requirements of discharge lamps, Ushio's lineup provides a variety of power supplies for lamps such as direct-discharge and barrier-discharge lamps.
    In addition, our LD/LED drivers realize long life without electrolytic capacitors, and by modularization, support multistage arrangements of LEDs up to 33 kW.
    Our key power supply technologies are specialized for digital and analog power control, high voltage, various control techniques and reliable design, supporting a broad power range from 10 W up to about 200 A for 150 kW power, with higher currents supported by our multi-connect systems.
    Based on our proprietary technologies, we deploy power supplies for uses other than discharge lamps (e.g., atmospheric-pressure plasma).

  • Digital power supply technology

    DSP technology is adopted for full digital control to correspond with various load control requirements.
    Intelligent control becomes possible to suit load characteristics.

  • Software power supply technology

    High efficiency and low noise are realized by a rectification method that adopts quasi-resonance technology, phase shift, and current doubler rectifier circuit technology in software within the power supply. We can also provide communications network support.

  • High-voltage technology

    We have the lamp lighting circuit technologies necessary for discharge lamp ignition (40 kV) and for long-arc UV lamps (5 kV).
    These technologies are driving developments for various other high-voltage applications such as for atmospheric pressure plasma.

  • High-current technology (multi-connect systems)

    We provide actual power circuit performance up to 200 A, with constant current and constant power control. We support power requirements up to 150 kW. We can also support higher power capacities by stacking multiple compact base modules to form multi-connect systems.

  • Discharge control technology

    Our experience with nonlinear load control requirements peculiar to various discharge lamps facilitates development of controls for lamp types such as air discharge and atmospheric-pressure plasma.

  • Pulse current technology

    Our flash lamp lighting technology realizes pulse shaping of thousands of volts and thousands of amperes at a pulse width (half-value width) of tens of microseconds and 150 Hz repetition.

  • High-voltage inverter technology

    Multi-stage SiC enables drive circuit configurations with 5 kV output. This design method suppresses the switch-time ringing that occurs in transformer-based systems.

  • Power supply repair

    For both domestic and overseas markets, we offer repair consultation even for other-brand power supplies. Within Asia, we provide a "field repair scheme" by partnering with companies having strong repair technologies. Servicing time and cost reductions are realized by eliminating the need to return products to Japan.

  • Wireless technology

    We support wireless control methods such as ZigBee and Bluetooth. We also develop power supplies equipped with wireless control (adopting DMX or similar methods) for indoor and landscape lighting.

  • Eco-friendly

    By practicing measures to ensure compliance with RoHS and other environmental regulations and directives such as for the elimination of lead, we implement environmental assessments from the design phase, and promote the development of environmentally friendly products by LCA evaluation. We also support submission of environmental data.

  • Safety standards compliance

    We comply with various safety standards such as UL, IEC, CSA, Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, CE marking and etc., according to customer requirements.

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