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Projection mapping at the opening ceremony of Expo 2020 Dubai

Everyone has seen a projection mapping, either in real life or on TV, including at global sporting events, celebratory events, and in amusement park attractions.

Ushio fascinates people with light in various gathering spaces, including amusement parks, commercial facilities, meeting rooms, and public facilities. In other words, we provide social value by sharing excitement and experiences with others. In recent years, the demand for projection mapping in large spaces has been increasing and solutions from the Ushio Group are being utilized in numerous places in order to produce dynamic visual experiences and excitement.

The key to the projection mapping in those large spaces is the high-brightness, high-resolution projectors provided by Christie Digital Systems, Inc. (hereinafter, “Christie”), which is a major part of the Ushio Group's Visual Imaging Business. Christie continues to provide cutting-edge laser projectors as a leading company in the industry, realizing richer detailed imanges, with the combination of RGB pure laser light source which has tens of thousands lumens brightness, an exceptionally wide color gamut, and the brilliant 4K image.

Additionally, we can support producing superior visual experiences while maximizing the efficiency of operations by completely controlling the entire workflow of projection mapping. This is achieved by software, which seamlessly blends 2D and 3D images projected by multiple projectors, and servers and controllers that manages contents.


Our achievement (in the recent)

Expo 2020 Dubai (held between October 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022) has welcomed millions of visitors from around the world to fill impressive and vibrant visuals covering Al Wasl Dome.
Al Wasl Dome is in the Al Wasl Plaza, one of the core facility and install the world’s largest 360-degree screen with a diameter of approximately 130 meters.
Christie provided a spectacular projection mapping that projected rich, vibrant visuals using 252 projectors and attracter numerous visitors.

Click here for video.

In addition to projection mapping, Christie products have being utilized at various control rooms and VR simulators.

For example, simulators for airplane and ship training must display natural colors and high-speed movements. To achieve this, we painstakingly recreate a real-world environment by combining multiple projectors capable of overlaying images and correcting distortions, among other features.
Additionally, these products can be utilized in front-line manufacturing and urban development, such as for visualizing predictions for natural phenomena and disasters.

Ushio's "light" is not only "illuminating" but also "attractive" and create an experience that surprises and impresses people all over the world.