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Power to Control Light

At the time of Ushio’s founding, light was primarily only used as a source of illumination and the Company made it its mission to create new markets by utilizing light not just in this way but also as a source of energy. Based on this mission, we have harnessed the power of light to realize products such as light sources and optical and imaging equipment, and also peripheral services in accordance with the needs of our customers at the time. These products and services enabled us to resolve various issues impeding the progress of technological innovation. By working to leverage our long-cultivated light technologies and also discover new uses for them, we are further pursuing the potential of light and creating new technologies and services.

Core Technologies That Unlock the New Potential of Light



Power to Resolve Issues through Light

In addition to the light sources themselves, we develop and manufacture equipment that incorporates them. Our ability to internally manufacture light sources, a key component of such equipment, provides us with a major source for differentiation. Also, engaging in the development, manufacture, and sale of equipment brings us closer to end users, which in turn helps us acquire useful information on future trends. As a result, not only are we able to resolve the issues facing our customers, we are also able to provide them with high-value-added solutions.

Furthermore, by focusing our efforts on core technologies related to light as well as on securing and cultivating personnel with experience in a vast array of academic fields, we are enhancing our ability to foresee issues that may affect our customers in the future. Going forward, we will draw on this ability to comprehensively resolve social issues through both the provision of products and peripheral services.


Robust Financial Base

It is imperative that we expand resources, which we may lack at times, if we are going to be able to continue to draw on the power to control light and the power to resolve issues through light.
For example, there are times where we need to leverage external resources, in addition to enhancing internal ones, in order to achieve differentiation not just in terms of hardware but also the settings in which our light sources and equipment are utilized. Our robust financial base provides us with the strength to procure the necessary external resources to do so through such means as M&A, collaboration with business partners, and the promotion of mid-career hires.


Global Customer Contact Points and Foundation for Value Provision

With the aim of becoming a global medium-sized company, we have promoted global business development from a very early stage for a company within the manufacturing industry. Our overseas net sales already account for 70%-80% of total net sales, with overseas employees making up roughly 60% of our total employee base. By establishing this kind of global business foundation, we have been able to swiftly and accurately grasp the needs of customers and markets across the globe and, in turn, develop high-value-added solutions to meet these needs. Our global foundation has also helped us join forces with various business partners and mitigate the risk of supply chain disruptions.



Power to Retain Light

Through our unique light technologies, we have helped resolve issues impeding the progress of technological innovation. In addition, we have been providing not only light sources but also equipment and after-sales services on a global basis. This has enabled us to work with a diverse range of customers within the value chain of each market while exploring solutions to various social issues through our customer contacts. This approach has made it possible for us to offer highly trusted products in each of our business domains over long periods of time, leading to the establishment of a robust customer base. Supported by the trust-based relationships with our customers, we will strive to identify customer issues even more promptly and accurately, thereby developing new technologies and enhancing our awareness of social issues.