Moving toward 2030

Guiding Principles for 2030

Ushio formulated Vision 2030 in 2020 as a roadmap to achieving its long-term vision for 2030. Management formulated the New Growth Strategy:“Revive Vision 2030”* in May 2024 in response to an evolving business climate to propel new growth. In “Revive Vision 2030,” we have reviewed strategies to make them more effective and will prioritize a growth strategy that centered on operational efficiency. We have retained the “Five Management Focuses,” representing important issues based on our ESG management, and manage progress by setting key performance indicators for each to realize our goals for 2030.

Ushio has pursued the concept of ESG management, including valuing human capital, contributing to society, and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, as expressed in our Management Philosophy. We will contonue to realize Ushio’s Management Philosophy through both our growth strategy and ESG management, and aim to further increase our corporate value by achieving the goals for 2030.
*Using the word “Revive,” we express Ushio’s determination to “realize our goals through great transformation” .


Targets and Actual Results

We formulated the Five Management Focuses as important issues for Ushio to enhance its value as a company on a daily basis while working to resolve social issues over the long term. We used backcasting to set KPIs for 2030, and are now steadily implementing each initiative.

Five Management Focuses—Important Issues for ESG Management