Focus 5. Building a Robust Management Base

Definition of Management Focus

Guided by our Management Philosophy, Mission, and Vision for 2030, we will work to establish a robust management foundation, which will in turn underpin the four other management focuses. This management focuses will be realized through the establishment of an infrastructure for promoting "solidarity-oriented" management, ensuring management transparency and security, developing next-generation personnel who can engage in sustainable business management, and formulating business portfolio strategies.

Vision for FY2030
  • Visualize and achieve management, business, and employee goals
  • Manage business portfolio through timely efforts to identify management resources
  • Clarify business risks and deploy Group-wide risk responses
  • Create a corporate culture and framework for respecting human rights across the value chain
  • Reinforce and deepen governance
Targets for FY2025
  • Starting Group-wide activities to respond to social demands and earning recognition from external evaluation organizations and stakeholders through appropriate disclosure of information
Specific Initiatives for FY2023 to FY2025
  • Establishment of KPI management
  • Construction of a global risk management system
  • Enhancement of measures to prevent bribery and corruption