Focus 2. Developing Our Diverse Talent to Get Closer to Our Vision

Definition of Management Focus

The contributions from each employee are indispensable in achieving Ushio’s Vision for 2030. To that end, we establish and provide enhanced human capital development programs in order to support the individual growth of our employees. In this way, we aim to enhance the quality of our talent on a Groupwide basis with the goal of moving closer to our Vision.
By helping our talent grow through various educational programs and providing them with an environment in which they can plan an active role in their respective business field, we will help "build both a prosperous Company and prosperous employees," which is a key principle of our Management Philosophy.

Vision for FY2030
  • Practice Group management with diverse personnel who can contribute to the achievement of Revive Vision 2030 and provide systematic training opportunities for further development
  • Realize global mobility and enable borderless employee activity through human capital management
Targets for FY2025
  • Human capital bolstered, with focus on global / technical / managerial literacy capabilities
  • Human capital identified through talent map that meets business needs, with rational management system in place
Specific Initiatives for FY2023 to FY2025
  • Promotion of selective human capital development through the Global Human Capital Committee (GHCC) and Human Capital Development Committee
  • Promotion of personnel exchanges within the Group
  • Expansion of the scope of identification of Group management personnel through the creation of the Global Mobility Section (building a Group-wide network responsible for human capital)