Focus 3. Creating Working Environments where It Is Easy to Produce Results

Definition of Management Focus

At Ushio, we aim to become a highly engaged organization that embraces contributions from both the Company and its employees toward realizing its Management Philosophy and Mission and Vision for 2030. We will create a workplace environment that draws out the full potential of each employee, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or disability, and build a solid foundation conducive to that goal.

Vision for FY2030
  • Build a corporate culture of mutual respect that embraces diversity
  • Implement health and productivity management that enables employees to be physically and mentally healthy and enjoy their work
  • Achieve high engagement levels that enable the Company and employees to grow together
Targets for FY2025
  • Proportion of women in managerial positions: 15% and 10% on consolidated and non-consolidated bases, respectively
  • Employee engagement score up 10 percentage points from FY2022
Specific Initiatives for FY2023 to FY2025
  • More active participation by female employees and employees with disabilities
  • Continuous initiatives for wide-ranging working environment improvements
  • Consideration and provision of attractive working conditions (harassment education, compensation system, etc.)