Health and Productivity Management

To advance health and productivity management, Ushio Inc. has implemented a system that operates in accordance with the Health Declaration.
Continued efforts are underway to refine and enhance our health and productivity management initiatives.

Health Declaration and Promotion Structure

Health Declaration

We believe that employees are the most important management resource that supports Ushio's sustainable growth. Efforts in the health and productivity management also lead to the realization of our Management Philosophy of "Build both a prosperous Company and prosperous employees."
As a "light" solutions company, we will contribute to society through high-quality,unique technologies, products, and services while working together to create an environment in which each and every employee is both in mentally and physically healthy, and continues to challenge while feeling job satisfaction and a sense of growth.

Promotion Structure

Ushio as a whole; directors, HR, Industrial Health Teams, Health Insurance Association and others; collaborate to ascertain the current situation and consider and implement various measures.

Promotion System

Health and Productivity Management Strategy Chart

We have developed a "health and productivity management strategy chart" that outlines key management issues and corresponding health concerns requiring attention for resolution.
To uphold and enhance the physical and mental well-being of every employee and foster working environments where satisfaction, growth, and continuous engagement in challenges are paramount, we are committed to advancing three target indicators: lifestyle improvement (physical health), mental health enhancement (emotional health), and productivity improvement (work health).

Health and Productivity Management Strategy Chart

Work-Life Balance

Support for Employee

Ushio Inc. has established a support system that exceeds the statutory requirements, including leaves, in order to create a system that can flexibly respond to diverse values and work styles that are not bound by lifestyles and work constraints that may arise in our day-to-day lives.

Support for Balancing Work and Childcare

Ushio Inc. is committed to assisting employees in managing the delicate balance between work and childcare responsibilities. To facilitate this, we offer a comprehensive "Work and Childcare Balance Support Handbook" accessible through our portal site for employees. This resource provides valuable information on our work and childcare balance support system, maternity assistance, guidelines for supervisors, and practical tips for both employees and supervisors utilizing the system.

Furthermore, we are actively creating an environment that fosters work-life balance for employees raising children. This includes the implementation of no-overtime days, widespread awareness campaigns through posters, and special events such as "Bring Your Child to Work Day" and "Family Day." Our initiatives have resulted in an impressive rate of almost 100% for women returning to work after taking childcare leave. Additionally, several male employees also take childcare leave each year, contributing to our recognition with the "Kurumin" certification mark as a company dedicated to supporting childrearing.

Balancing work and childcare

Support for Balancing Work and Family Care

Starting in 2018, Ushio Inc. has consistently conducted seminars to address the challenges of balancing work and nursing care, aiming to alleviate concerns among our employees. Since 2021, we have taken steps to foster an environment where employees can seamlessly manage both work and caregiving responsibilities. Our initiatives include themed online Sunday meetings and opportunities for individual consultations with experts, designed to cater to the specific needs of employees. Importantly, these initiatives are structured to encourage the participation not only of employees but also of their family members.

Support System

Nursing care leave Paid leave for nursing care Short time work Restriction on overtime work Restriction on late-night work
No limitation on count for a year
(per number of family)
No pay
Special paid vacation: 5 days per number of family, 80% of salary, no bonus, Can be taken for a half day or hourly
Accumulated paid vacation: Available after all paid vacation is taken. 100% of salary and bonus
No limitation for three years
(per number of family)
Six-hour of flexible time work per day
0-24 hours per month
Restricted from 10 pm to 5 am

Support for Balancing Work and Health Care

In the event of illness, you may add up to 40 days of accumulated paid vacation in addition to normal annual paid vacation. In both cases, the salary will be paid at 100%. Subsequently, employees may take sick leave (80% of salary) for up to three months and non-job-related sick leave (no salary) for up to 12 to 36 months, depending on the length of service.
As above, Ushio has enhanced the priority use of accumulated annual paid vacation and the temporary leave system so that even if an illness or injury occurs, employees can devote themselves to treatment and return to work thereafter. In addition, we have a system in which line managers, personnel officers, and industrial doctors can work together to support both treatment and employment in line with each individual's situation so that they can continue to work based on their treatment plans and physical conditions after returning after resuming.
In fiscal 2020, we issued the Work-Life Balance Support Handbook (for treatment) so that employees understand various systems available when they get ill or injured in the future and eliminating concerns. In addition, we have introduced a GLTD (Group Long-Term Disability Income Compensation Insurance) that aids cost of living during treatment, and we are enhancing support from the perspective of compensation.

Support for Balancing Work and Health Care System

Systems to support employees balance work and treatment

Appropriate Monitoring of Working Hours and Measures to Address Overtime

Ushio Inc. is committed to realizing the first principle of our management philosophy, "Build both a prosperous company and prosperous employees." In pursuit of this goal, we have implemented measures to ensure vigilant monitoring of working hours, prioritizing the avoidance of excessive workloads.

Specific Initiatives Include:

  • Visualization of time spent in the office, where entry and exit times are seamlessly linked to our web system through a card reader.
  • The web system automatically cross-references individual working hours with the "Agreement on Overtime and Holiday Work," providing essential support for department heads and individuals in mitigating prolonged working hours.
  • Beyond the diligent implementation of the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s "Integrated Measure for the Health Problems Prevention Caused by Overwork," our company upholds even more stringent standards for working hours and health management than those stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.

Paid Vacation and No-Overtime Days

Ushio Inc. promotes good work-life balance by establishing regular no-overtime work days and the use of planned annual paid leave in order to create a balanced work environment. In April 2021, we abolished the core time for flextime work and introduced an hourly paid leave system. We ensure all employees have time to spend with their families and friends, and time for self-development so that they will maintain their mental and physical health. Eventually we believe it leads to improved performance.

Cafeteria Plan (Selective Benefit System)

As the social environment changes and lifestyles diversify, so do the needs of employees. In order to respond to these changes, we have introduced the "U's Club," a system that allows employees to select and use a wide range of benefits they wish to use.

As a result of links between the system operated by the Company and the services provided by a company acting in place of a welfare agency, the Company is able to expand the social-welfare menu items from those offered hitherto under the company system, including in the areas of childcare, nursing care, health and employee self-development. Through this, we aim to support each employee in living a more fulfilling and meaningful life and in expressing and making use of their abilities at work to an even greater extent. Moreover, Ushio is working to review and expand menu items as needed, in line with the needs of its employees.

Employee Shareholding Association

As one aspect of a welfare program, Ushio Inc. has an employee shareholding association. For employees, a financial incentive is provided, and this is beneficial for long-term asset building. Through this program, the Company gives employees support for each other's development from a sense of togetherness.