Human Capital Development

Ushio's management philosophy is to "Build both a prosperous Company and prosperous employees." To realize this philosophy, Ushio Inc. has set out a" Human Capital Strategic Vision" explaining the desired characteristics for employees, and has clarified and documented the" Ideal Human Capital and Requirements" in order to realize the vision. To foster such talent, we have also established a training system designed to accelerate the growth of each employee.

Human Capital Strategic Vision

Human Capital Strategic Vision

Ideal Human Capital and Requirements

Ideal Human Capital

Professional personnel who have "will" and "passion," respecting diverse values, and continuing to collaborate with all stakeholders and taking on challenges.
As business and social issues differ by country and region, and the business environment is changing on a daily basis, we need to ensure a wealth of diverse talent. Or, in other words, we must step up our efforts to discover and develop globally minded talent.


In addition to below our requirements (Conduct and Attitude), we have defined three requirements for working internationally "diversity management", "management literacy", and "global communication".


Development and Training System

Development and Training System

Diverse Training and Support Systems

New Recruit Training

Our new recruit training is designed to foster recruits' awareness of themselves as members of Ushio Inc. and develop an attitude of proactive thinking and action. The training focuses on the acquisition of a professional attitude, basic operations, and business skills in the first year.
To deepen their understanding of the Company, they experience onsite training in various departments such as manufacturing and customer service, where they learn, grow, and receive support from many people.

In addition, follow-up measures such as the Sister/Brother Mentoring Program, "Follow-Up Training," and "Regular Interviews," are in place to provide enhanced follow-ups on the status and growth of individual recruits after they have been assigned.

  • New Recruit Training
  • New Recruit Training

Sister/Brother Mentoring Program

The Sister/Brother Mentoring Program stands as a longstanding training initiative within Ushio Inc.’s new employee training program, having thrived for more than 30 years. In this program, seasoned employees serve as mentors, offering personalized guidance and support to new employees over the course of one year. When a senior mentor is female, they are referred to as sisters, and when male, they are known as brothers. This mentorship extends beyond day-to-day work guidance; mentors play a pivotal role in nurturing the growth of new employees by addressing any challenges or personal concerns they may encounter during their tenure.
Individuals selected as sisters and brothers undergo specialized training, known as Sister/Brother Training.
The implementation of the Sister/Brother Mentoring Program, alongside other comprehensive initial training for new hires, has significantly contributed to a noteworthy retention rate among new graduates, particularly in their third year with the company.

Young Executives Group

This is one of our systems for nurturing future management personnel. Members of the Ushio Group are chosen from an openly canvassed pool of applicants, typically employees in 20s and 30s years of age from Group companies. There are four target criteria: will and passion, strategy construction ability, execution ability and ability to work in a global setting. The participants learn theoretical knowledge, such as management strategy, and tackle specific initiatives relating to actual management issues. They undertake these activities while exchanging opinions with upper management, external executives, and experts, among others. Through this system, Ushio provides these highly motivated young employees with opportunities to develop their career paths.

Occupation-Based Training

In OJT and Off-JT that are directly linked to their duties, we are implementing improvement activities through small-group activities, revitalizing communications, and sharing information in order not only to improve the skills of expertise but also to increase motivation. In addition to this, we support training that is closely linked to the workplaces of each division.

Ushio Learning Place(ULP)

In October 2022, we introduced Ushio Learning Place (commonly referred to as ULP), an educational program designed for all employees, aligning with two of our Five Management Focuses for 2030: "Developing our diverse talents to get closer to our vision" and "Creating working environments where it is easy to produce results."
Ushio Learning Place embodies the idea of a company where employees can continue to learn throughout their lives. The program is dedicated to establishing an internal environment where every employee, regardless of job title, position, or age, can actively contribute while crafting a career vision.
The comprehensive content encompasses a wide array of e-learning courses suitable for employees at various levels. Additionally, we offer a range of original in-house seminars, focusing on career autonomy, team performance improvement, and enhanced productivity.
Furthermore, our Training Center for Engineers, established in 2012, has been rebranded as Tech School, providing around 30 courses, including mechanical drafting, CAD, and quality control.
Participation in this voluntary training program is open to all employees, and we actively support those who choose to engage in independent learning for their personal growth.

Ushio Learning Place

UPS (Ushio Production System) Activities

Since 2011, the Harima Division of Ushio Inc. has been implementing activities called UPS (Ushio Production System) from a diversified perspective by integrating the improvement activities (TQC and TPM). It has been cultivated over the years in order to respond flexibly to rapid changes in the business environment and transform it into a high-quality and highly efficient division. We have the three pillars; "Small Group Activities", "Talent Training" and "Loss Reduction"; in order to acquire the ability to identify problems and share problems with colleagues and improve them strongly. In particular, since 2018, we have been striving to raise the level of these indicators, which are visible in terms of the figures for each of the three pillars. The results of these efforts have been disseminated outside the company through presentations, exhibitions, and lectures, which has also contributed to local communities.

Activities until Now

Ushio has been conducting small-group activities at our business divisions since April 2014 to engage all employees at each division in activities to improve quality assurance and visualization. This initiative began with 91 groups that implemented specific measures to improve quality of product and work environment. In addition, these activities contribute to the development of human capital that encourage independent management and change the mindset of employees at manufacturing work sites. Instead of follow-up from the Committee, we have newly established supporters from within the department, and are conducting activities to support each individual's independence for small groups in which women and young employees are active as leaders. On an organizational level, we were also triggered by a switch to a system of activities led by the front line, which unified the promotion of improvement activities into actual operations and created a system that supports the homogenization of mindsets and independence.

Improving and Embedding Value in Human Capital Development

With regard to human capital development, we believe that "in order to produce good products, it is first necessary to produce good workers." We are training supporters to encourage autonomous activities at business sites. From fiscal 2016, we aim to improve and embed the value of human capital development by enhancing our training curriculum into one that offers more practical lessons and techniques.
Going forward, through the continuous, steady accumulation of activities, we will establish platforms for manufacturing that can be visualized and build up expertise. At the same time, we will continue activities to enhance the efficiency and vitality of our workplaces.

Technical Training Dojo

Beyond instructing in advanced operations and transferring essential skills, our focus extends to the development of manufacturing methods for automation and continuous enhancement of manufacturing processes to elevate overall quality. While our primary emphasis is on lamp manufacturing, we have expanded our scope to include challenging glass fabrication products, such as quartz glass jigs, contributing to the advancement of manufacturing skills with a forward-looking perspective.

Our dedicated members, known as Craftsmen, are passionate about imparting their expertise and training to the next generation. They possess leadership skills that extend beyond high-precision special processing. The introduction of the Craftsmen Development Program ensures that members are recognized not only for their knowledge and skills but also for their trustworthy personalities and effective communication skills as leaders.

This program is a comprehensive and global initiative, with activities extending to our group companies, both domestic and international. For instance, at overseas group companies, we conduct regular work assessments and provide training for supervisors. Additionally, we welcome local staff for training, contributing to the overall improvement of skill levels and product quality across the entire group.

A Meister with Trainees from Overseas Manufacturing Sites
A Meister with Trainees from Overseas Manufacturing Sites

Support for Self-Development

At Ushio Inc., we have implemented the TOEIC Bridge examination system to aid employees in evaluating and enhancing their proficiency in the English language. The company defrays part of the costs of this program. Presently, achieving a satisfactory TOEIC Bridge score is a prerequisite for specific positions within the company.

As an integral component of our self-development assistance initiative, employees can leverage the offerings of the "U’s Club," an assistance program. Utilizing pre-assigned points, employees can tailor their choices from a menu that includes correspondence courses, English conversation schools, other educational institutions, and certification programs—aligning with their individual needs and life plans.

Innovative Hybrid Training Initiatives

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we shifted to a hybrid type of training that combines online and offline training for new employees, which we have been conducting for many years, such as training for new recruits and rank-based training. Taking advantage of online environments that can be adapted to various ways of working, we conducted more practical training that incorporated active learning allowing participants to participate while utilizing IT tools.
In fiscal 2020, we further enhanced the curriculum of Ushio College, a selective human capital development program, and implemented a program to support learning and employees who are working abroad, thereby increasing the number of participants and contributing to the enrichment of employees' lives.