Five Management Focuses

The following is a detail introduction of Five Management Focuses, which are Ushio’s materiality and the most important issues to realize our long-term vision.

  • E Environment
  • S Society
  • G Governance
  • Creating Businesses with Greater Social Value

    We believe our mission is to put the light technologies we have cultivated as a “light innovation company” to use in resolving the issues facing society in the future

  • Increasing the Quality of Our Human Resources to Move Closer to Our Vision

    We establish and provide enhanced human resource development programs in order to support the individual growth of our employees. By doing so, we aim to enhance the quality of our human resources on a Groupwide basis with the goal of moving closer to our Vision

  • Creating Working Environments where It Is Easy to Produce Results

    To realize our Management Philosophy and achieve our Vision 2030, we aim to be a highly engaged organization that embraces contributions from and the development of both the Company and its employees

  • Sustainably Reducing Environmental Impact

    From a long-term perspective, we will pursue efforts to reduce our environmental burden, including within the supply chain

  • Building a Robust Management Base

    We will work to establish a robust management foundation, which will in turn underpin the four other focus points of management.