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Movie Theaters —Surprising and Exciting Experiences on Giant Screens

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Up to now, movie theaters have been loved and enjoyed as places that provide familiar entertainment through realistic and high-resolution images and sounds on large screens. While the methods for delivering content have diversified, people’s desire to experience the richness offered by the presentation of compelling stories together will not change. In recent years, movie theaters have also been developing into spaces to enjoy other forms of entertainment aside from films, such as e-sports and live performances.

Ushio supports such movie theaters around the world through solutions including the provision of high-brightness and high-resolution digital cinema projectors, the xenon lamps inside these projectors, and managed services that support the operation of movie theaters.

Most importantly, Christie Digital Systems, Inc. (hereinafter, Christie), which is the main company in our Imaging Equipment Business, has contributed to the film industry and built up a long relationship with Hollywood as a leading manufacturer of cinema projectors. In particular, Christie was one of the first company to achieve the sale of digital cinema projectors before the major shift from film to digital in the cinema industry. These projectors helped to promote digitalization and reduce the cost of movie production and distribution, thereby leading to the popularization of multiplex theaters and the expansion of the movie market.

Even now, Christie is driving the development of cutting-edge digital cinema projectors. In response to the high demands of the industry, the projectors are compatible with the luminance levels of various screen sizes; have a wide range of light sources, from RGB pure lasers to lamp models; and contribute to the presentation of 2K and 4K images, 3D capable, and high quality and high resolution images.

Furthermore, Ushio has developed xenon lamps for movie theaters that project vivid images with light as close to sunlight as possible, which is ideal for these digital cinema projectors. These lamps are used in cinemas around the world.

Additionally, we not only deal with the projectors themselves but also have a managed services business, which uses a network for remote operations to carry out the maintenance and control of projectors. In this way, in addition to hardware, we provide systems and services that add value by continuing to support the provision of surprising and exciting experiences on screen.