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Although UV rays are often perceived to be harmful, there are also UV wavelengths with a germicidal effect.
However, the use of these wavelengths has been limited to certain environments because there is a risk of getting skin cancer
or keratitis when irradiating occupied spaces using UV rays with this germicidal effect.

Ushio has developed the technology, Care222® Far UV-C disinfection technology, which combines special excimer lamps with optical filters to effectuate Far UV-C ray's germicidal effect while blocking harmful wavelengths. With the Care222 technology, we can now disinfect occupied spaces and objects that are within the radiation range.

Filtering harmful ultraviolet wavelength


XEFIRIA, an air purifier/ozone cleaner with172-nanometer UV rays, interacts with the oxygen and water in the air.
By creating abundant active oxygen species such as OH radical, it eliminates odor and inactivates viruses. It also breaks down
harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, which cannot be absorbed by charcoal in standard air purifiers, and eliminates smells of deodorizers.


By maximizing the power of UV rays, Ushio strives to contribute to the creation of a safe and reassured society.