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Applying Ushio’s optical technology to medical field to help extend healthy lifespans

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Medical devices using specific light wavelengths in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared regions have long aided treatment, examination, and diagnosis.

Ushio collaborated with Professor Akimichi Morita of the Department of Geriatric and Environmental Dermatology of Nagoya City University to develop a technology employing an excimer lamp whose peak wavelength of 308 nanometers is effective for treating autoimmune skin disorders. This technology uses a filter to block wavelengths below 297 nanometers, which reportedly harm the human body. We have sold ultraviolet therapy devices fitted with light source units incorporating this technology since 2008. The TheraBeam® UV308 series is covered by insurance for dermatological phototherapy. Leading university hospitals and dermatology clinics in Japan have installed this device, which serves at more than 1,200 facilities* in seven countries.

as of October 2022 (Own data)

We augmented our conventional lamp light source technology by developing and commercializing the TheraBeam® UV308 mini LED in the TheraBeam® UVA1. This LED-based offering will help materialize a sustainable economy by enabling customers to conserve energy, cut running costs by extending product lifespans, and use resources more efficiently.

We will keep supporting medical professionals with proprietary optical technology while helping to improve patient quality of life, driving medical advances, and extending healthy lifespans.
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