Successful First Light of High-Intensity EUV Light Source by USHIO INC. and Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research

For R&D of EUV Optical Systems, Masks, Pellicles, Etc.

USHIO INC. (HQ: Tokyo; President and CEO: Kenji Hamashima) announces that first light* of an extreme ultra-violet (EUV) light source was achieved at a facility for the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (hereinafter "TNO") on December 7, 2016.

The achievement is the result of a strategic partnership established between USHIO INC. and TNO in February of 2016 for the purpose of EUV technology development and with the goal of delivery by November of that same year and first lightwithin  the same year. The light source employs laser-assisted discharge-produced plasma (Sn LDP) and will be used by TNO in research and development for EUV optical systems, masks, pellicles, etc. TNO will continue adjustments and tuning of the facility equipped with the light source with plans of starting various research and evaluation services for companies and organisations around the world by April of 2017.

Semiconductors hold the key to the growing IoT and automation technology of today, but further improvements in their performance and production are necessary for greater advancement. EUV lithography technology is indispensable in the manufacturing process of increasingly-miniaturized next-generation semiconductors. Various lithography equipment manufacturers have already announced shipment of more than ten different EUV lithography machines with world-class device manufacturers carefully considering their implementation.

The practical application being advanced by USHIO INC. of light sources used to inspect high-precision masks is essential for establishing the EUV lithography process as a mass production technology, and the achievement made at this international research institute is an important milestone. USHIO INC. will continue to progress this recent technological achievement and to contribute the advancement of the semiconductor manufacturing process.

TNO’s exposure and analysis  facility equipped with Ushio EUV light source

*The first light test is defined as: EUV light on a sample in the exposure chamber.

About TNO

TNO (HQ: Den Hague, The Netherlands) is an independent innovation organisation. TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that sustainably boost the competitive strength of industry and the welfare of society. This is what drives the 2.800 professionals at TNO, in their work every day.

TNO believes in the joint creation of economic and social value. Innovation with purpose is what TNO stands for. TNO develops knowledge not for its own sake, but for practical application. TNO works in collaboration with partners and focuses on five transitions that have been identified together with stakeholders.

TNO’s International Center for Contamination Control has been established to focus dedicated contamination control research and development for partners in industry, supported by an extensive variety of experimental facilities.

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