Proceedings Volume 11327, Optical Microlithography XXXIII; 113270N (2020)

Investigating the fine line lithography process on the large-size organic panels for advanced packaging and development 


Naoya Sohara, Ryotaro Takahashi, Hirosuke Takamatsu 

USHIO INC,1-90 Komakado,Gotenba city, Shizuoka pref, Japan 


  Improvements in the cost and performance of semiconductors have been driven primarily by miniaturization. However, as light sources have become shorter wavelengths and multi-patterning has increased, the cost aspect of miniaturization has become a problem.  

 As another means of improving performance, "Heterogeneous Integration" has been developed, in which various chips are placed on a single package to improve system performance. For example, a silicon-interposer (2.5D) SoC with integrated arithmetic and memory chips has been developed to improve the performance of HPC for machine learning. The exposure systems used for these advanced packages are required to have both resolution performance for fine wiring and high productivity due to the large area.   

 In this paper/presentation, the resolving power will be verified using the latest panel exposure system for □500mm substrates and the results of various DFR exposures. And finally, the next generation of exposure systems and processes are described from the perspective of exposure optics and processes.  


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