Large field stepper UX-5 Series UX-7 Series

Large field stepper UX-5 Series UX-7 Series
  • Litho-Patterning
  • MEMS, Electronic Components
  • Semiconductors
  • Printed Circuit Board and PKG

Ushio provides specialized steppers for cutting-edge packaging applications employed in servers and PCs, and in portable devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs. The stepper is intended for package substrates using a stage corresponding to the panel size and Ushio's proprietary large-area projection lens technology cultivated from many years of expertise in light source and optical technology. High productivity is achieved while realizing the high resolution and overlay accuracy required for the latest packaging substrates.

【Component Technology】

- Includes the world's best-selling super high-pressure UV lamp

- Ushio's irradiation optical system boasts a high degree of uniformity

- Unrivaled large-area projector lens

Proprietary TTL non-exposure wavelength alignment system
When observing mask marks using Ushio's patented "TTL non-exposure wavelength alignment" technology, exposure up to the alignment marks of the substrate is unnecessary. In addition, since work marks can be directly observed, there is no reduction in contrast due to masks, enabling accurate alignment using clear marks.
Suits a variety of alignment marks
"Pattern matching support" for registered patterns does not require particular alignment marks, alignment can be achieved through a variety of wiring patterns.
High resolution
High resolution is obtained by using Ushio's projection lens for the "UPL series". Line-space = 5μm design rule full-scale mass production support.
Long depth of field
Due to the long depth of field (±50 to ±100), even if differences in levels, warpage or unevenness in the board cause focal deviation, the pattern profile equivalent to the profile in focus is obtained. This feature is particularly effective when exposure is performed for a thick, dry film or solder resist.
High-speed step-and-repeat by surface stages
Precision air bearings are used to reduce friction, and a plane motor configuration is used to reduce the weight of all moving parts and increase their rigidity. As a result, it is possible to perform high-speed step-and-repeat operations. In addition, the surface stage exerts feedback control using a laser interferometer. Consequently, high-speed operations, as well as superior positioning accuracy, can be achieved.
Elimination of mask damage
Since this is a non-contact projection exposure system, the mask and workpiece do not come into direct contact. Accordingly, the attached resist does not damage the mask. This not only prevents wiring pattern defects but also makes it possible to use the mask semipermanently, reducing running costs. Moreover, since the mask requires no cleaning, we expect improved equipment utilization compared to close contact exposure systems.
High overlay accuracy maintained despite board expansion and contraction
The "auto scale function" corrects the projection magnification by automatically changing the magnification up to 0.1% according to the expansion or contraction, greatly reducing the deviation in alignment.
Semiconductor post-processing
TSV bottom hole
Printed circuit board

UX-7 series lineup
Model UX7-Square70
Exposure area □70 mm
Panel Size ~□530 mm
Mask size 6 inches
Resolution 2μm L/S
Exposure Wavelength i Line

■ Resolution: 2 µm L/S possible

Film thickness   5μm
Dose  150mJ/cm2

■Eeposure Area :70×70mm

UX-5 series lineup
Model UX-5894SC UX-5782SC UX-5781SC
Exposure area □250 mm □250 mm □250 mm
Panel Size Max. 510 × 610 mm
Resolution 5 µm L/S 8 µm L/S 16 µm L/S
Exposure Wavelength i Line i Line ih Line

■ FLS applied future roadmap

■ Auto scaling function for panel shrinkage

■ Deep DOF

Model list

Installed light source

Note Regarding Exportation

This equipment (or technology) may be subject to security controls under the provisions of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law, and in order to export the equipment or technology (or to conduct transactions for the purpose of providing the technology to a non-resident or foreign country), it may be necessary to obtain an export permit (or permission to implement service transactions) from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. Be sure to contact us in advance for confirmation.