Roll to roll lithography tool UFX Series

Roll-to-roll lithography tool UFX Series
  • Litho-Patterning
  • MEMS, Electronic Components
  • Semiconductors
  • Printed Circuit Board and PKG

Currently Ushio's proximity/projection exposure systems for flexible substrates have a track record of over 800 units.
Highly efficient high-resolution exposure is achieved by a projector lens that makes full use of our specially developed high-output lamp and our established reputation in optical system technology.

【Component Technology】

- Includes the world's number one super high-pressure UV lamp

- Our own irradiation optical system boasting a high degree of uniformity

- Unrivaled large-area projector lens

Applicable to thin, wide tape
Supports up to 165 mm, 25 µm (Pl) thin tape
Features large-diameter projection lenses
Ushio's unique large-diameter projection lenses achieve dramatic yield improvements and higher throughput.
Large depth of field
This equipment also accommodates thick photoresist films and deformed tapes.
Auto zoom function
This equipment is able to handle tape expansion and contraction and achieves a high level of overlay accuracy.
Touch panels
Two-metal COF
TAB and more

UFX series lineup

Model UFX-2894 UFX-2477 UFX-2468
Exposure area □250 mm □140mm
Tape width ~250 mm ~160mm
Resolution 5 µm L/S 4 µm L/S 7 µm L/S
Exposure Wavelength i line i line ih line

Model list

Installed light source

Note Regarding Exportation

This equipment (or technology) may be subject to security controls under the provisions of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law, and in order to export the equipment or technology (or to conduct transactions for the purpose of providing the technology to a non-resident or foreign country), it may be necessary to obtain an export permit (or permission to implement service transactions) from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. Be sure to contact us in advance for confirmation.