Notice of Further Increasing of Production Capacity for Lithography Equipment

Ushio Inc. (Head Office : Tokyo ; President & CEO : Koji Naito ; hereinafter refeered to as " Ushio") hereby announces that it has decided to make an additional capital investment to increase the production capacity for its UX-5 series large field steppers (hereinafter "lithography equipment") to meet a further increase in demand for cutting-edge IC package substrates.

This is an enhanced investment to previous production capacity increase annoucned in 2019 and 2021, respectively. With the progress of IoT, demand for servers for data centers that enable high-capacity and high-speed data processing is exceeding its expectations, and is creating further needs for IC package substrates, which requires high resolution and overlay accuracy production processes. Consequently, Ushio has decided that it is necessary to invest in even further prodcution of lighgraphy equipment for these substrates.

Ushio will continue to contribute to the realization of comfortable and convenient society through the development of IoT, leveraging its light technology.

Capital Investment Plan Overview (Plan)
(1)  Investment detalis :    Expansion of the production space for lithography equipment for cutting-edge IC package substrates
            (Mainly new clean room and manufacturing facility)
(2)  Total investment :    3.5 billion yen (Plan)
(3)  Location :     Under consideration (Planning to utilize a domestic Ushio location site)
(4)  Production capacity :    Doubling of capacity after its increase in 2021
(5)  Schedule :     In FY2022 : Changing layout and start preparation for manufacturing facility.
        By FY2024 : Sequentially double production
(6)  Production Capacity Increase History :
  Announcement on May 9, 2019: "Notice of Increasing the production Capacity for Lithography Equipment"
  Announcement on May 11, 2021 : "Notice of Increasing the production Capacity for Lithography Equipment"


 Large field stepper "UX-5 Series"

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