USHIO Report 2018

USHIO INC., hereby announces that, our first integrated report "USHIO Report 2018" has published on October 5, 2018. The USHIO Report has been produced with an empasis on what the Company considers to be "importance," "conciseness" and "sustainability" to enbale it to become a new communication tool for the wide of stakeholders the USHIO Group encompasses. Since its founding in 1964, USHIO has been focusing on the key concept of Lighting Edge Technologies and on the characteristics of "light." We use light not only as illumination but also as energy through ultraviolet rays and infrated rays, contributing to innovative technologies being used widely throughout society. We hope that you can feel the attractiveness of USHIO which has achieved growth through its unique value creation model, the source of USHIO's innovative technologies. Moreover, we would be delighted to raise further expectations of USHIO going forward.

USHIO Report 2018  PDF(4.97MB)

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