Integrated Report / Ushio Report

The Ushio Report describes the unique business development model of Ushio that has grown through discovering the functions of light and giving them form. The report concisely summarizes the information needed for understanding the possibilities of improving the longterm and sustainable corporate value of the company. We hope that this report will enable all of our many stakeholders to understand the appeal of Ushio.

Ushio Report 2023


Downloading Entire Pages

Ushio Report 2023 (6.37MB)


Our Value Creation Story(1.58MB)
  • Ushio’s Culture
  • The DNA of Ushio—Guiding Us into the Future
  • Value Creation through Implementation of Our Management Philosophy (History)
  • Our Long-Cultivated Strengths
  • Ushio’s Constant Pursuit of the Potential of Light
  • Ushio’s Value Creation Process
  • Five Management Focuses—Important Issues for ESG Management
  • List of Five Management Focuses, Key Challenges, and Goals
Advancing to a New Stage(375KB)
  • Long-Term Vision
  • Medium-Term Management Plan
  • CFO Message
Connecting Social Value to Economic Value(1.58MB)
  • Creating Businesses with Greater Social Value
  • Ushio’s Potential for Creating Businesses with Greater Social Value
  • R&D and IP Strategies to Create Businesses with Greater Social Value
  • Examples of Business Creation with Greater Social Value
  • Developing Our Diverse Talent to Get Closer to Our Vision
  • Creating Working Environments Where It Is Easy to Produce Results
  • Sustainably Reducing Environmental Impact
  • Building a Robust Management Base
Creating New Markets with “Light”(580KB)
  • Industrial Processes
  • Visual Imaging
  • Life Sciences
  • Photonics Solutions
Enhancing Our Management Base(758KB)
  • Messages from Outside Director
  • Corporate Governance
  • Directors
Data Section(207KB)
  • Financial and Non-Financial Highlights
  • Financial Data
  • Non-Financial Data
  • External Evaluation
  • Stock Information
  • Corporate Data