Light-guide type line light sources for image processing

Line light sources for image processing using light guides
  • Visualization
  • Printing
  • Illumination

・ Used in document copying machines,and and with a record of performance in scanners that makes this light source ideally suited for use in image processing applications and specialized illumination.
・ Can be provided with desired collimation by use of special prisms based on optical simulation in light guide.
・ Adaptable to any form depending on application, purpose or size.
・ Since all components, including the light guide, are produced internally, we can accommodate any sort of experiments or change in specifications.
・ In addition to visible light, irradiation using infrared or ultraviolet LEDs is possible.

Achieving high image quality
Taking advantage of our knowledge of halogen and rare gas fluorescent lamps, we can provide optimal light for reducing optical systems.
Excellent stability over time
Minimizes the number of LED elements, a cause of variations, helps assure stable light throughout product life.
Achieving illumination with low power consumption
Achieving power reduction by optimizing the efficiency of light use at the document surface.
Achieving stable supply and procurement
The light dimming function of the driver eliminates the need for design changes on the part of the client due to specification changes resulting from increased LED brightness.
Reducing total cost.
Supply of LED modules with self-contained functionality reduces customer procurement workload and assembly processes, as well as reducing stock risk, which contributes to total cost reduction.
Structure and features of copying machine scanners
Light sources for devices such as scanners and copiers
Light sources for inspection
Illumination light sources for showcases etc.

High intensity A3-size type The 32,000 to 52,000 lx high intensity lighting is ideal for high-speed A3-size scanning.
High intensity A4-size type The 32,000 to 52,000 lx high intensity lighting is ideal for high-speed A4-size scanning.

Installed light source