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Optical Microfabrication


Functional capability of Polarizers


·UV polarizer
·Our UV polarizers are absorption-type polarizers that are suitable for reducing scattering light.
·The polarizer's surface structures are covered with a protective film,
thus protecting it from damage caused by touch.



·Ultra fine scale microfabrication achieves high transmission and high extinction ratios.

External appearance of wire-grid polarizing plateExternal appearance of wire-grid polarizing plate

Extinction ratio characteristics of Wire-grid polarizing plates Extinction ratio characteristics of Wire-grid polarizing plates

  • Optimization of polarization uniformity on the surface of the workpiece in combination with the light source
		(Polarized irradiation units are also available.)It can be optimize a polarization uniformity on workpiece's surface in combination with light source by computer simulation.
    (Polarized irradiation units can be also available.)


Item Details 
Optical characteristics In-plane variation ±10%
Polarization wavelength 365nm
type Linear polarization
Incident angle 0°~60°
Clear aperture EE5mm
Shapes Dimensions * Please contact us.
Thickness 0.72mm
Operating environment Temperature 400℃ or lower
Humidity (no condensation) Less than 70% RH