Deep UV lamps

Deep UV lamps
  • Litho-Patterning
  • Inspection
  • Modification
  • Curing and Bonding
  • Semiconductors
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Printed Circuit Board and PKG
  • Biology and Chemistry
  • Printing

These are high-intensity point light source mercury vapor-filled lamps based on xenon lamps.
They feature far-ultraviolet radiation in the 230 to 320 nm wavelength range, used for short-wavelength photochemical reactions, UV curing and lithography.

High energy in the short wavelength region
These lamps have both the continuous spectrum from the UV region to the infrared region of xenon lamps, and the high energy in the UV region characteristic of super high-pressure UV lamps. Compared to super high-pressure UV lamps, deep UV lamps radiate more light in the short wavelength region below 400 nm.
High-intensity point light source
These high-intensity point light source lamps are suitable for collection, uniform illumination, and other optical control measures.
Line width variation
Photochemical reaction lithography
UV curing and more

Model Rating: Lamp Input (W) Lamp Voltage (V) Horizontal irradiance
Total luminous flux (lm) Inter-electrode cooling gap (mm) Average Lifespan (h) Product Specification
210~300nm 360~370nm
UXM-501MD 500 25±2 280 180 20000 3 600 PDF1025 KB

Note: 1mW/cm2 = 1,000 µW/cm2

Installed light source