Halogen heaters for OA equipment

Halogen heaters for OA equipment
  • Modification and Decomposition
  • Printing

Halogen heaters use the light radiated by halogen lamps for heating.
Almost all of the light radiated by a halogen heater is invisible infrared radiation (heat), for which it is a highly efficient energy source.
It is the choice for toner fixing light sources in copiers and LBPs (laser beam printers).

Highly efficient energy sources
Over 85% of the input power is converted to infrared radiation for a highly efficient lamp-type radiant heat source.
Reduced power consumption means lower running costs.
Compact, clean heat source
Halogen heaters provide high energy output with small size and light weight, so they are readily installed in tight spots. In addition, the non-contact heat maintains a clean atmosphere regardless of its condition, such as whether it is in air or in vacuum. Photoheating also emits no gases, so it can contribute to CO2 emission reduction.

Installed light source