Green Procurement

At Ushio, we have established Green Procurement Standards to guide material purchasing, and these standards are posted on our website.
As a survey of environmental initiatives, we not only check that all suppliers comply with laws and regulations, but also have established an environmental management system ( ISO 14001, Eco Action, etc.). In addition to complying with the laws and regulations of each country, including the RoHS Directive, we have stipulated our own environmentally hazardous chemical substances and requested that suppliers reduce them to below these standard values in order to mitigate their impact on the human body and the environment. We also receive reports from suppliers on the amount of chemical substances contained in their products. As a result, we are able to meet domestic and international requirements regarding the use of chemical substances in products.
Ushio established the Green Procurement Standards as a guideline for its materials purchasing under its basic environmental policy, which is to fulfill its social responsibilities through business activities that take into consideration and respond to the needs of the earth, society, and customers by maintaining and improving environmental conservation activities. In the future, we will work with our suppliers to procure materials that meet these standards.

Since fiscal 2014, we have been actively supporting the implementation of self-assessments by our suppliers.

Green Procurement Standards

At USHIO, we have established Green Procurement Standards to guide material purchasing, and these standards are posted on our website. While complying with the RoHS directive and other laws and regulations specific to each country, we stipulate our own list of chemical substances with an environmental impact, and comply with both internal and external requirements relating to chemical substances contained in products.
We ask for the cooperation of our business partners in promoting green procurement.


We revised the "GREEN PROcurement STANDARDS","Chemical Substance Control Level Classification Table" and "Level 1 Prohibited Substances Report" in accordance with the review of prohibited substances.(March 2023)

Green Procurement Document Downloads

Green Procurement Standards
Contents Japanese English
2.System for Controlling Chemical Substances Contained in Products: Action Item List & Check Sheet (Appendix 1) EXCEL
3.Ushio Green Procurement Standard Confirmation Sheet (Appendix 5) WORD WORD
4.Level 1 Prohibited Substances Report (Appendix 2) Level 1 Level 1
5.RoHS10 Survey Report (Appendix 3) RoHS10 (EU)2015/863 RoHS10 (EU)2015/863
6.Survey of the Chemical Substance for SVHC of REACH regulation (Appendix 4) EXCEL
7.Chemical Substance Control Level Classification Table (Ver. 12) (Supplement 1) PDF PDF

USHIO plans to make additional revisions to our reporting requirements for suppliers with regard to SVHCs Stipulated by REACH Regulations each time the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) makes an announcement. USHIO may on occasion ask for reports before revisions are finished for all documentation.

chemSHERPA tool can be downloaded from this URL

chemSHERPA website

Compliance with International Environmental Regulations

Ushio's products are delivered to a variety of countries and are used in various fields. Ushio has formulated its original Green Procurement Standards as guidelines for purchasing component materials to respond appropriately to laws and regulations in various countries and territories based on international standards, naturally including RoHS, and responds to requirements related to harmful substances in products.

Responding to Increasingly Complicated and Expanding Environmental Information Management (Web Operations)

The types of chemicals contained in products and the applicable product categories are increasing and updated year by year. In particular, the RoHS Directive is expected to expand the number of product categories to which it applies in the future.
To enable Ushio's equipment products that are composed of a wide variety of components and materials, we have updated and strengthened our environmental information management system for parts called ECODUCE to ensure that all fully comply with regulations. By exchanging environmental information with Ushio's suppliers and on the web, we are able to improve the accuracy of environmental information and significantly reduce the number of corresponding processes.
We also collect the latest legal and regulatory information as appropriate and communicate it to Group companies and divisions to build out a value chain in a timely manner. Ushio's Green Procurement Standards are published on the Ushio website. This ensures that Ushio's customers and suppliers always have access to the latest version.

Promote of ChemSHERPA to Supply Chain

Ushio promotes the transmission of information on contained chemical substances through the supply chain and compliance with environmental laws and regulations of each country. As a member of the Article Management Promotion Council (JAMP), we are promoting the industry-wide format chemSHERPA. We are working to improve the efficiency of environmental friendliness by cooperating with our business partners in adopting chemSHERPA.

Working Together with Business Partners

Ushio holds regular procurement and CSR procurement briefings for business partners. We explain our CSR Procurement Policy and Green Procurement Standards, as well as updates on revisions to RoHS and REACH regulations to deepen understanding of CSR procurement throughout the entire supply chain and ask for cooperation for CSR procurement.
Moreover, Ushio is moving ahead on deepening mutual understanding with respective business partners through dialogue as well as enhancing responsive capabilities in regard to stable supply and quality. Through such measures as holding meetings to explain revisions in Green Procurement Standards, the RoHS directive and REACH regulations, Ushio strives to improve customer satisfaction regarding its products as well as in the market.