Compact xenon lamp

Compact xenon lamp
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Ushio's UXR™ series xenon lamps have been developed based on our proprietary optimized design, using ceramic and sapphire as primary components to provide excellent resistance to impact and pressure. Major lamp features are compact size and light weight, with an integrated mirror to efficiently extract the exceptional color rendering properties of the light while eliminating the need for troublesome optical axis alignment.
Also, Ushio's proprietary sapphire window structure makes possible lamp replacement without interruption.

Compact and lightweight.
You can select a broad range of wavelengths.
Rupture resistant sapphire window adopted.
Safe and reliable Japanese quality
Integrated mirror eliminates need for optical axis alignment
Adopted "Dirt/scratch preventing construction" that makes possible lamp replacement via Ushio's proprietary window structure
UXR-300BF major specifications
Basic characteristics (initial electrical characteristics) Lamp input 300W
Rated lamp voltage*1 15V
Rated lamp current 20A
Current range 18 to 21 A
Specifications Electrode gap distance 1.5 mm
Wavelength type Ozoneless
Exit window diameter dia. 25.4
Mirror shape Parabolic
Rated lifespan*3 500 hours
Initial irradiance intensity*2 Total irradiation output 50W
Overall luminous flux 4500 Lm
Luminous flux through 5 mm aperture 1830 Lm
Color temperature 6100K
Usage requirements (power supply) Power supply type Constant current control/Constant power control
Allowable current ripple (P-P) 5% or less
Ignitor output 23 kV AC or greater
Possible supply voltage 140 V or greater
Usage requirements (lamp) Lighting direction Horizontal lighting
Cooling requirements Ceramic components 150℃ or lower
Metal components 200℃ or lower
Forced air cooling Required
*1 Voltage when operating at 20 A.
*2 Result when operating at 20 A.
*3 When the luminous flux through a 5 mm aperture reaches 50% of the initial value.
Industry-based endoscopic light source
High-brightness projector light source
Microscope illumination light source
Spectral analysis light source,
Head fiber light source
Image processing inspection system fiber light source
Visible/infrared searchlight light source
Pseudo solar light source and more

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