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Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Irradiation DeviceEasier dry cleaning

We have developed an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Irradiation Device that combines our own reactor structure with the high-frequency power supply technology cultivated for excimer lamps.

  • 1.Features an integrated power supply for slim design
  • Atmospheric pressure plasma irradiator that combines high frequency power
    supply technology developed for excimer lamps with Ushio’s reactor structure.

  • 2.Low temperature treatment/low damage
  • Enables low-temperature processing, effective for irradiating resins and film substrates having low heat resistance.
    High cooling efficiency enables reactor cooling with process gas only.

  • 3.Long life and high reliability
  • ・Reactor with a unique structure that is less affected by thermal expansion and more resistant to cracking
    ・Highly reliable high-frequency power supply, with over 5,000 units shipped

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