Ultraviolet (UV) /Excimer Irradiation Units/Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Irradiation Device


Photo alignment UV irradiation equipmentAchieves optical alignment at the molecular level
Optimal proposals based on the industry's No. 1 track record

Ushio's photo-alignment technology makes full use of advanced polarization and optical and mechanical design technologies, enabling us to propose optimal systems to our customers.
We have optical components that are optimal for various material sensitivities, including 254, 313 and 365 nm.
Our systems are also characterized by high exposure and highly uniform irradiation with high-power input.We propose systems that suit customers' work, from small to large.

  • 1.High optical performance can be achieved by adopting long lamps
  • 2.Optical performance is optimized by combining optical design with advanced technologies and optical components as necessary.
  • 3.Optimum production tact time is achieved by adopting the industry's top class high-input power supply. Improve your productivity.
  • 4.Systems structured to optimize the production process require minimum maintenance time.
  • 5.Process consultation is also provided based on our experience as the market's No.1 share.
  • ・Adding anisotropy to alignment film materials in liquid crystal panel manufacturing
  • ・Improving polarized light transmission performance in circularly polarized and phase-contrast films
  • ・Adding anisotropy to other customer substrates
  • Wavelength selection filters

    254, 313 and 365 nm wavelength selections

  • Various optical performance measuring instruments

    Measures illuminance and polarization at each wavelength (254, 313 and 365 nm)

  • Is experimentation possible?

    At our Shizuoka Prefecture facility, we conduct irradiation experiments on samples using long (diffused light) and short (parallel light) arc lamp irradiation systems.

  • Do you provide equipment on loan?

    We loan a simple experimental machine that can irradiate small areas.

  • Do you have systems for R&D?

    We offer a line of small stand-alone experimental machines.

  • Tell me about support after delivery

    We have support bases in Japan and other Asian countries. Please consult with us specifically.


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