Ultraviolet (UV) /Excimer Irradiation Units/Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Irradiation Device


Spot UV Irradiation UnitsHigh illuminance improves production takt time

Ushio's Spot UV Irradiation Units (including LED cure) are the industry's No. 1 high-illuminance products.
Suitable for local UV and heat curing, the strong irradiation can cure resin more quickly, contributing to minimizing customers' production takt time.

  • ■SP11

    Illuminance is three times higher than before due to the broad wavelength

    We offer a wide variety of fibers and lenses.
    See the Options page for details.

    Because of the high illuminance, only half the number of installed units is required compared to conventional units.

    By adopting a broad light, deeper and higher-density curing is archived

  • ■SP-LED-3

    Industry’s No. 1 level of high illuminance

  • ■SP-IR

    Select irradiation at the required wavelength band by attaching an optional wavelength selection filter to the dedicated IR fiber.

  • Does use require light shielding?

    Be sure to use ONLY with light shielding.
    Light leaking from the irradiation aperture can cause eye injury or skin damage in a very short time. When working in the vicinity of unshielded light, be sure to wear eye protection and make sure that the skin is not exposed. Never look directly at the light.

  • How should used lamps be disposed of?

    The lamps contains mercury, which is a hazardous substance. Only dispose of lamps in accordance with the directives established by authorities in your region.

  • Don't understand use procedures. Lost the instructions for use.

    By registering, you can download instructions for use.

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