Ultraviolet (UV) /Excimer Irradiation Units/Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Irradiation Device


UV-LED Irradiation UnitsSpeedy Curing
Smart Energy Saving

UV Irradiation Units provide the illuminance and cumulative exposure required to replace conventional UV lamp systems, while improving usability such as by longer life, lower power consumption, instant on/off, and less heating of the irradiated object.
In addition, Ushio's UV-LED Irradiation Units promise to solve all kinds of customer problems with its "9" unique technologies.

  • 1.Ushio's technology
  • 2.Proposals according to your request
  • We propose the optimal light source system and irradiation method, irradiation area, wavelength, illuminance, and cumulative exposure according to the customer's request.

    Irradiation method examples

    • Surface light source for batch irradiation

    • Line light source for scanning irradiation

    • Ambient light concentrator/diffused light source

    Wavelength examples

  • 3.Long lifespan
  • UV LEDs have ten times longer life than UV lamps. There is no need to stock replacement lamps. Reduce replacement costs and man-hours required.

    * Basic maintenance such as routine filter replacement and window cleaning is still required.

  • 4.Contributions to customer energy saving
  • Ushio's UV LEDs achieve 70% to 80% reduction in power consumption compared to conventional UV lamps.
    Furthermore, unlike UV lamps, instantaneous ignition supports shut-off during standby.
    We contribute to our customers’ ESG management, including the realization of carbon neutrality.

  • Is experimentation possible?

    Irradiation experiments using customers’ workpieces are available.

  • Do you provide equipment on loan?

    We loan a simple experimental machine that can irradiate small areas.

  • Do you provide systems for R&D?

    We offer a line of small stand-alone experimental machines.

  • Is support available after delivery?

    We have support bases in Japan and overseas. Please consult with us specifically.

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